Essence and advantages of ball valve

2021-09-25 澳门66yh银河 Read 42

    In essence, the ball valve is a quarter turn rotary valve, that is, rotate it 90 degrees to fully open or close. It consists of a sphere with holes. According to the direction of steering, it can stop, allow or slow down the flow of fluid or gas through the pipe.

    Let me show you the advantages of using ball valve:

    Ball valves are easy-to-use components that can be obtained at a relatively low cost. They are excellent at maintaining and regulating high capacity, high pressure and high flow, so they are suitable for many different types of applications.

    Ball valves are also durable and provide years of reliable service, and they are easy to repair or replace. For these reasons, and because they provide a tight seal and little leakage when fully closed, they are one of the widely used types of rotary valves.

    Precautions for ball valve pressure: regardless of the pressure from the supply end, the ball valve will rotate. Moreover, if the hole through the valve has the same (or greater) diameter as the supply pipe, there is virtually no restriction or pressure drop when it is fully open

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