New Journey | Celebrate the relocation of Zhejiang Lasen , and be grateful to have you. Build our dreams.

2022-11-08 澳门66yh银河 Read 37

In May 2021, the relocation ceremony of Zhejiang Lasen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was held at Changkou Industry zone, Fuyang, Hangzhou. All employees of Lasen gathered together with invited customers to witness this wonderful moment.

The theme of this relocation ceremony is "Thank you for your presence, and forge ahead with your dreams". We are grateful to Lasen's employees for their company with customers and will continue to do so in the future; Now is the time to move. Now is the time to start again. It is also a new starting point for Lasen's future. Lasen will work with its employees and customers to build dreams.

With the spirit of steady running and racing, we keep on walking and braves the wind and waves. The tide of the times is coming. The ocean that advances with the times will also start the next journey with a new start.

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